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Computer Engineering in Graduate School?

I am currently a BA of computer science in my school, but I recently thought of doing computer engineering instead. Is it possible to get a master in computer engineering with a computer science bachelor degree?

In my school computer science and computer engineering are in separate schools-Arts&Science and Engineering.

I also wonder if computer science will give me enough hardware knowledge to do computer engineering in graduate school.

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Kalos Orisate

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Some Engineering schools will give you conditional entrance into their Master’s Computer Engineering degree program, but will attach several bridging courses that would extend the time involved by six months or a year. CS does not give enough math or hardware design experience to step directly into an Engineering program.

There is an alternative: Several schools offer Engineering Technology (MSET). This is easier and more practical than a true Engineering degree, and the program can be tailored by the student to look a lot like Computer Engineering. There are about a dozen such degrees in the USA. See the website below.