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College help…?

I’m looking into finding a good college to go to in NC or SC for undergraduate studies, possibly medical (something like maybe physical therapy or emergency medicine). I really like Boone, the city with App. State, but I’m not sure if App. would be right for what I want to do. Any help would be great!

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If you want to be in the mountains you may like WCU. I like it better than App State. Its more laid back and there’s plenty to do outdoors if partying isn’t your thing. I think there’s an open house soon if you want to visit.

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My first recommendation is to attend a school within your own state. Otherwise, your tuition costs will be close to double as a nonresident student.

Secondly, there’s a world of difference in education between a physical therapist and the medical specialty of Emergency Medicine. If you are serious about being a physician who specializes in EM, you owe it to yourself to read up on the entire process. This web site provides an excellent overview: http://people.howstuffworks.com/becoming-a-doctor.htm

If you are serious about becoming a physical therapist, here’s a list of schools that provide that training: http://physicaltherapy.about.com/od/careersinphysicaltherapy/a/PTSchools.htm

I’ll also put a bug in your ear about becoming a nurse. Nurses can specialize, too. Try Googling your state’s nurses association for information about your state’s nursing schools. You may be surprised about the financial aid available for you to attend nursing school.