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Class rank?

Hi I live in NY and found out my class rank today, I am a senior. It is 63 out of 414 students and my counselor said I’m in the top 15%. Can I get into a good college?

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Your counselor said you are in the top 15%? When I divide 63 by 414, I get 0.1522. That comes out to 15.22%. So in reality, you are in the top 16%.

Your weighted percentage is equivalent to a grade point average of 3.92 (on a 4.00 scale) and your unweighted percentage is equivalent to a grade point average of 3.68 (on a 4.00 scale).

With all of those high numbers, you will have absolutely no problem getting accepted into just about any college or university. In fact, if you applied to more than one, I’m sure you will receive multiple acceptance offers. That way you get to pick and choose which one you want to attend. But send in your applications as soon as possible because out of state schools have early deadlines. Check with your school’s guidance counselor.

Also, I believe that you are qualified for scholarships. Check with your school’s guidance counselor because you will have to apply as soon as possible.

You are a very lucky person to have achieved such high marks. Good luck with your post-secondary education.


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wow 8 is fairly stable meaning ur 8 out of the 690 young ones on your classification, what it ability for college is easily no longer something, specific they’re going to check out it, yet your gpa is what counts. so in the journey that your eighth then your gpa must be reallly stable and you shouldn”t have many issues of entering right into a good college.

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Tina R
If you have a good GPA (3.5 or above), you will.