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Child Psychologist and Child Nutritionist?

im interested in becoming those when i grow up, three questions:

1)is it a viable goal to become both??

2)what should i major and minor in to become them?

3)im in the summer before senior year, and my dad wants me to tell him colleges i want to go to(im in california), but im having a hard time because so many colleges have psychology and nutrition…….which college, in california preferably, have strong programs for that?? thanks!!

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As far as the psychology aspect, any practicing psychologist has to get a Ph.D. or if you want to be a therapist quicker there are a few master level routes you can take (MFT, LCSW). All options, however, require licensure in your home state. Though this is probably a far away consideration, the clinical psychology PH.D. programs are competitive to say the least and therefore require a lot of undergraduate accomplishments (possibly research, leadership roles, presentations, grades, ect..). It may behove you to look at the psychology faculty at any given school and decide which ones are focusing on clinical psych, which ones have child psych experience, and which ones have extracurricular activities. You can also get a lot of information from the American Psychological Association on the web. I went to a state college for my udergrad and am graduating with a Ph.D. in August, so I think the opportunities are there at many private and public schools – you just have to seek them out.

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Brandon W
Well, for Psychology you will need to go through and get your PhD. Most of the Universities in California offer this degree.

For more information you can contact the California Board of Psychology at (916) 263-2699, ext. 3303

As for nutritionist, you will have to meet specific requirements in order to practice as a Nutritionist. You will need to be certified as a Registered Dietician.

Email me and I will help you through the planning. I live in Oregon right now, but I grew up in Northern California and looked at many different Universities before I moved.


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those are unusual possibilities – there’s no superb college contained in the rustic as those are the two “comfortable” stages without actual tutorial status (foodstuff has greater value than Psych with the aid of far). The psychology degree is a type of,”learn how to assert, ‘might you like that with fries?'” stages until eventually you artwork in some super city area the place they have swallowed the nonsense that it fairly is an significant scientific container of learn. it fairly is basically a fraud. study Dr. Tana Dineen’s fantastic,”production victims” until eventually now making this type of decision approximately spending money. A seminary direction in pastoral counseling, rather in the event that they have a professor who’s unquestionably experienced and conscious of Victor Frankl’s artwork and the physique of recommendations everyday as “logotherapy” may be maximum functional. previous that, the superb and maximum respected with the aid of disciplines outdoors the psychology industry, is (or was) Syracuse Univ. in long island – their artwork has been intense and neither boastful nor presumptious –

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fran j
Talk to the school counselor