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What are universities with a focus on undergraduate studies?

If you guys could list 5 universities that you know from personal experience or think that there is a definite focus on undergraduate studies.

I’m thinking of going into med school, but my path there is pretty flexible, social sciences or sciences, I enjoy both.


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This web site might interest you: http://people.howstuffworks.com/becoming-a-doctor6.htm

I strongly recommend attending your state university. State universities are required to give admission preference to state residents, which is applicable to the state university medical school, too. It will also be your lowest tuition cost.

Major in whatever interests you. Your GPA in the prereqs and your MCAT score are what interests admission committees the most.


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University of Wisconsin, Madison is a great school for undergrads, but I would also look at smaller liberal arts colleges if you are interested in an environment entirely focused on teaching.