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Can you go to medical school and get into cardio, and have a life?

It’s alot of school. alot of time. and then once you’re done, and are working, there are many hours of working. Is it possible to do both? I’ve been looking into DMS. It has a good program, and I’m interested, but It’s far from where I live, and far from my friends and family. I don’t know. Has anyone else gone through this decision?

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Actually, cardiology is a subspecialty in Internal Medicine, so it’s not a highly competetive specialty. Twenty years ago, all doctors were called when an emergency involved one of their patients. Today, due to litigation, most hospitals employ physicians on staff (called Hospitalists) to handle all patients and only courtesy calls are made to private physicians…meaning that more and more physicians are working fairly standard hours (especially if they work for a HMO).

Let me correct a misunderstanding. Med school is only 2 years of classroom instruction. The second two years are spent in Clinical Rotations, in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. Then you have three to four years of residency–again in a hospital.

As far as having a life–of course you can. By most standards, a very good one.