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Can anyone give me ideas about college ragging?

absolutely anythng…just give me some ideas!!

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Here’s an idea. A person who has spent the summer dreaming up ways to abuse people will quickly earn a reputation for being a pain in the butt. They’ll dread seeing you. Whenever they hear your voice in the hallway, they’ll hide under the bed so they won’t have to put up with you. They’ll make all their plans in secret so they won’t have to take you along. Time to grow up, son.



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Ragging Ideas

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I do not see any advantages to permitting ragging/hazing (I imply TRUE ragging/hazing). It’s a kind of bullying, imho. And it is simply perpetuating infantile, immature behaviours at a time wherein you’re out in your possess and intended to be performing like adults! Society complains of the way immature and irresponsible men and women of their past due young adults and early 20’s are, however appear on the forms of matters we tolerate. It must now not simplest be banned, it must be a rechargeable offence.

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yup sure. i am studying journalism and in my college a guy was asked that suppose a sting operation is being conducted on a producer 4 exposing casting couch and a girl is already been sent in the room and u r standing outside the closed door and u hav 2 report 4rom there outside live. how will u report???. i think that was very funny……… but now ragging is banned in india.

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