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Nik P

What kind of schooling would I need to be a Project Manager?

Classes I need to take in high school?

Classes I take in University?

Example of jobs I could get?

And any other info on this job would be great.

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What kind of project manager? Engineers are project manager, some technical degrees can prepare you for project managment. For highschool just follow what you need for college prep. Try to get as much math as you can. Some financing courses. A speech class would be good too.

If you check out the bureau of labor and statistics website there is a book called the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all sorts of jobs. It gives a description of the type of work, salary, demand and outlook, schooling needed, work environment, etc.


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Michelle D
Ahhh, the new “in” job. Get an MBA, that’s the universal degree for all that crap.