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Best recording school?

So far I have 2 in mind, but I decided to go with The Los Angeles Recording School. My other choice was Fullsail. I decided to go with the LA one because it’s cheaper.

What are other top ranked recording schools?

I’m trying to go in for producing/sound engineering.

..Also what kind of degree is granted upon graduation? I looked up the LA school. I can’t seem to find out where it says that…

I think Fullsail grants a Associates degree of science or something like that?

I want to earn the highest degree possible for Music recording arts/Sound engineering. What would that type of degree be, what schools give those those out, and how many years would it take?

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Here are a few of the more popular… but it really depends on where you are?



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I know very little about recording school but I do know that you should go to a school that offers a degree and the school should be properly accredited.

You also should find out about the placement success of the school and how long it has been in existence.

It would also be a good idea to actually visit the school and speak to some of the students without any of the teachers being present. If possible try the cafeteria if thy have one. If not find out if there is a place that students frequently go to eat and go there.


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Golden West College in Huntington Beach has a good recording arts engineering program.