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Are ther films or documentaries that show how the mentally retarded / Handicapped are treated in Europe?

I work in a Daay habilitation for the Mentally/Physically handicapped. I am VERY interested in learning about the practices of other countries. are there any documentaries that discuss this?

p.s. I know “Retard” is a politically incorrect term. I only used it to stress that I am interested in Autistic, Down Syndrome, Cerebal palsy, and other more serious conditions. Sorry to offend.

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A few days ago

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this may sound daft but have you tried youtube.com they have alsorts on there, worth looking tho.. Why not try the BBC or ITV websites or if u r in the states why not look at the local / national tv stations websites even try emailing them as they could send you a DVD of the programmes they have aired

Good Luck