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anything to do in cal poly San Luis Obispo?

im moving to SLO in a month. i chose cal poly over uc irvine and san diego state. im not regreting my choice im just starting to wonder.. because all i hear is that the only thing to do in SLO is party like a college student. but im not really into that.

so my question is.. is san luis obispo really that cliche and boring of a college town?

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My first impression of Cal Poly was that the town rolled up the sidewalks early… around 9pm. I was used to San Francisco where you can find things to do at all hours.

I tend to agree that SLO leans more towards being a boring college town.

However, boring is how you do make it.

What I really liked about SLO was the natural scenery – mountain biking, hiking, beaches and the mellowness.


4 years ago
Cal Poly is an dazzling college. it somewhat is in an incredible city, downtown is unquestionably close, truthfully everybody is somewhat friendly. it somewhat is on the fringe of the coastline. the instructor’s (all that i’ve got had so a strategies) are very open approximately helping everybody student’s desires. all of them have place of work hours which you would be able to pass and end by ability of in case you opt for help. it somewhat is in an exceptionally good area. Makes it uncomplicated to pass to NorCal or SoCal each time by using fact it somewhat is acceptable interior the middle. there is lots to do, a good number of golf equipment. somewhat, I have not got any lawsuits approximately it. i like it right here.