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How do u become a city manager? Out of ur undergrad with a degree in public admin wat sort of job do u start?

Wat is the job outlook like?

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Brian G

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Jobs are always there for good people. I’ve been a newspaper reporter for 13 years covering city government. So first, be prepared to relocate virtually anywhere in the country. You’ll start out maybe as an assistant city manager or more probably as a department head (or even lower) and move up. You’ll need to be GREAT with people. As a reporter I can tell you the general public is overrated and so are most of the councilmembers you will work for. But they are your bosses, so you must either do what they say or be good enough to lead them in the direction they should be going. You might have to start out in something closer to a town than a city, but that’s not a bad thing. Being that close to the people you serve is excellent training. Start asking around about jobs where you live and where you went to school. Some city somewhere just lost or got rid of its manager and needs help. Good Luck.