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Anyone an art professor? I have a couple of questions.?

My husband thought he could make at least 50K a year with a masters in art and teach at a university full-time but now these answers here on yahooanswers.com are conflicting that. Can you please tell me what a typical professor teaching full-time at a university and earning at least 70k a year has gone through education wise, work experience wise, etc. and how long it took? We might not do it now. Also, would there be any important advantage to getting a art teaching degree for his undergrad. and then a masters in art, compared to just an art bachelors and art masters?

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In art history, a tenure-track assistant professor with PhD in hand will make anywhere between 35 and 55k. Lower-end salaries are offered by universities in areas with lower costs of living, and by universities that don’t have huge endowments. Higher end salaries are offered by universities in expensive, urban areas, and by very, very prestigious universities.

An MA in Art History will not even get his foot in the door for an interview at any 4 year college, as a PhD is necessary in that field.

If he wishes to teach studio art, that’s different. A studio art professor need only have an MFA. But in order to get hired at a university, besides the MFA, he would need to have a very strong portfolio, including some juried shows, and would need to have studied with some well-known artists with specialties in his medium.

University (and even community college) professors do not get teaching degrees. These degrees are for people who intend to teach primary or secondary school.

In order to earn 70k in studio art, you have to be at least a full professor at a university in a non-urban area, or at least an associate professor in an urban area or a very prestigious university. It usually takes 6 years after hiring to be promoted to associate, and another 5-8 years to be promoted to full. But promotion is completely contingent on publication or other measures of success. In studio art, that measure of success is more participation in juried shows, commissioned works, and one-person shows at galleries and / or museums.


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Fly On The Wall
A professor making 70k a year typically has the following:

1. A PhD and postdoctoral experience in science or engineering (8 years after the BS is typical).

2. Tenure at a research university (5 years is typical).

3. External grants that provide overhead back to the university.

One way to make more money is to teach summer school. Summer school usually amounts to about a 20% increase on an annual basis. But that only brings 50k to 60k, not 70k.


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For your last question, yes there would be an important advantage to getting an art teaching degree: your husband would be able to teach secondary school. Depending on your geography, he could make 50k a year doing that, and with an MFA also pursue the higher ed thing.