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another question regarding the academic market for Historians?

Hi All! I have read a lot of extremely negative statements about the job prospects in the academy for historians. Things like only 1 in 3 PhDs ever get tenure-track employment. However, I am wondering if these statements are only referring to jobs at research universities. Does anyone have any comments on this and insight into whether the market isn’t so bad if you include liberal arts and (gasp!) community colleges? Also, any comments on whether it is realistic to expect a tenure-track job at a community college with only an MA or does one really need a PhD? Thanks!

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There are more folks getting PhDs in history than there are jobs for PhDs in history. That’s the bottom line. My kids had three different history PhD teachers in high school. So, you might spend all that time getting your PhD and wind up teaching in the next classroom to a guy who knocked off an MEd in a year after his BA from the state teacher’s college.

There are lots of CC jobs – in the CCs you get a mix of a few pretty good students with a whole lot of the lowest level of college students. And you dont ever get to teach advanced courses – it is always History 101 over and over again dozens of times….. so, is that your idea of a good time?

To get a tenured job, you must compete for it. Go for your PhD at a top school, and do everything conceivable to prepare for the job market. Go to very convention. Serve on committees. Suck up to everyone in sight. And write a REALLY great dissertation and get it published right away.

If you are in the top 25% of PhDs then you have a chance for the dream job!

Good luck.


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