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Haven’t worked in thirty years?

From the time I graduated from high school I’ve been making a good living by investing in barbar shops. But i’ve been a silent partner, so there is no record of me working. Which means no work history (hard to get a job).. I just graduated from with my associate degree in electical technology, from a technical school. I going to be an electrician, but what do I put on my resume? When I go in for the interview what do I say about my work history?

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What you need is a “functional resume” rather than the typical “reverse chronological resume.”

A functional resume puts the emphasis on the experiences you’ve managed, and the results of those experiences rather than on job titles.

If you do an internet search for “functional resume examples” you can find more information about this.

It will help in describing the capabilities you’ve already had but obviously it won’t assure anyone that you will be a great electrician since that is a specific skill that is apparently new for you. However, most people tend to assume that if you have a strong record of success in one area, you’ll build the same in another if you’ve prepared appropriately for it.


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Tell them all about Barbar, and maybe even bring up Celeste. Everyone loves elephants!