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American college student transfer to London school?

I’m going to a state university in America and have really been thinking about transferring to a design school in London. I need to know more before I start to make this happen, though. I’m not sure where to look for the information, like: what will they look at– my high school information or my college information? is there financial aid in the UK that is available to international students?

also, i’d like a native’s opinion: what are the some of the better Fashion Design universities in the U.K. (not necessarily London)?


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I am not a native but I can tell you that the British government has its own website to assist international students and as you are in the USA, use their website for American students http://www.britishcouncil.org/usa

The above website will have all the information that you need, including scholarships and financial aid. Their office will help you out. Consult them for further assistance. Browse that site as it is extremely useful and even has a list of all universities.

All the best!