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Physics question about coefficient of friction?

While drivign down a hill in your car, a deer jumps out into the road. In panic, you pull your Emergency Brake, which locks up your tires and you begin to slide. At the moment you pull the E-Brake, you are going a speed of 9 miles per hour and the deer is 61 m away. The mass of your car is 2,230 kg and the hill has an incline of 23 degrees. What must the coefficent of friction be, between your tires and the asphalt of the road, in order fory ou to stop at 60 m.

How do you solve this?

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i’ll provide you with steps. just input this on your calculator. i dont have one now so i cant give you the specific answer.

formula of friction is

F = uR , where f is force. u is the coefficient and r is weight.

so u = R/F

to get the R or the weight of your car, the formula is

R = mass x gravity (cos of angle)

R = (2,230kg x 9.8 m/s^2)(cos 23)

to get F or the force, use

F = mass of car x accelaration of car.

review your formula of forces. get the accelaration using the given speed of car and distance to travel. that is 9mph and 60 meters. dont forget to convert your speed to meter per second.

once you get the R and the F, divide it to get the u or coeffcient of friction.