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You have $1000 to invest, and your financial analyst reccomends two types of junk bonds.?

A bonds have a 6% annual yield with a default rate of 1%. B bonds have a 8% annual yield with a default rate of 5%.(If the bond defaults the 1000 dollars is lost). Which is the best out of the two bonds? Why? Should you even select either bond? Why or why not?

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From a purely statistical stand point, you should select bond A because it has a higher expected value, but in reality, you would need to consider other real life factors such as risk tolerance, horizon, etc.

Bond A

EV = (0.99) * (1.06 * 1,000) + (0.01) * (-1,000) = 1,039.40

Bond B

EV = (0.95) * (1.08 * 1,000) + (0.05) * (-1,000) = 976


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No right answer. More risk = more potential return. Typically, the younger you are the more risk tolerant you are.

So if you’re under 25, take the high yield (high risk). If you’re over 70, stay way from junk.


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As junk bonds are a hard sell, you can expect to be paying a chunk of change in commission. Put it in the bank!