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Not to be a geek……..but, do u wanna take a science quiz?

It’s an eazy quiz i made up ’bout space,try it! First to get the right answers gets 10 pts.

1)Why cant u feel the earth move?

2)Whats da reason day turns into night?

3)Describe an ellipse orbit.

4)Which way does earth’s axis tilt?

5)How does gravity afect da movement of planets?

6)What causes da red spot in jupiter?

7)Which planet has a moon named Charon?

8)What r saturn’s rings made of?

9)Why do some scientists call pluto a double planet?

10)What r 2 reasons life cannot exist on venus?

good luck

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I Can Has A CheezBurger!?

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1. We don’t feel that because everything else is moving with us and because the motion is very, very smooth. It’s kind of like sitting in a car and reading a book or playing a game. If the car is going very smoothly, with no stops or bumps, and you don’t look out the window, you wouldn’t know you were moving.

2. because the earth orbits, and the sun goes to one half of the earth for half of the day, then the other half for the other part.

3. An eclipse occurs when one object gets in between you and another object and blocks your view. From Earth, we routinely experience two kinds of eclipses: an eclipse of the Moon and an eclipse of the Sun.

4. ——- 23.5 degrees

5. the ones with stronger gravity, dont go as fast and it it heavier, while things with less gravity, things float around and go faster.

6. an eternal storm.

7. pluto

8. ice

9. Pluto and Charon are sometimes informally considered to be a double (dwarf) planet system since the barycenter lies in space between the two bodies.

10. one, there is no oxygen or plants, two, there is no water or food.


i am good in my science class!


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Josh E. =P
1) because we’re traving at the same relative speed as earth

and because of this, to us it seems like it not really moving at all

2) easy answer…earth’s spin

(different sides of the earth face the sun at different times therefore causing the effect of day and night)

3) two main kinds of orbits circular and elliptcal (anything non-circular is usually elliptcal or “eccentric”)

another definition: “An ellipse is a kind of oval, but a special one: it has two symmetry axes.”

4) “The axis is tilted in the same direction throughout a year; however, as the Earth orbits the Sun, the hemisphere (half part of earth) tilted away from the Sun will gradually become tilted towards the Sun, and vice versa.”

5) the larger the object (planet) the more gravitation pull it’ll have (the larger the pull the more things around it will be “attracted” to it.)

6) “The Great Red Spot is a persistent anticyclonic storm on the planet Jupiter” probably maintained due to jupiter’s atmosphere.

7) Charon is pluto’s largest satillite or moon

(but just so you know they might have taken away pluto official status as a “planet” due some recent discoveries…pluto is a “drawf planet” according to some people.)

8) mostly water ice, and other debris in the form of “space dust” that rotates around saturn

9) “A double planet is an informal term used to describe two planets that orbit each other about a common center of mass that is not located within the interior of either planet”

(Charon-Pluto have this kind of relationship)

10) first, it’s too hot,

and second, it’s too dry

(not the right kind of atmosphere for most complex lifeforms that currently live on earth) but there’s speculation that other kinds of life could possibly thrive on venus. [mostly microbes and such]


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Level 7 is Best
1) It’s moving through a vacuum and the motion of this huge, balanced mass is smother than silk

2) because the Earth rotates relative to the sun

3) Egg-shapped, not a perfect circle

4) The north pole is tilted 14 degrees away from the sun in the northern hemisphere winter

5) Each planet pulls every other planet. The moon stays in orbit because it whizzing around the world and being pulled in at the same time. Gravity keeps things in balance.

6) ?

7) Google

8) Asteroids, ice, dust

9) ?

10) Heat, no oxygen


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He will obviously know that you changed your answer to make it look right. Even if he just gives in and changes your grade — maybe because he would be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt — he will never trust you again. And neither will all the other teachers who he will talk to about what you did. I think this is a foolish and dangerous idea, not worth the risk of losing so much to try gaining so little.

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every thing envolves the theory of relativity and am not sure how to answer these questions without not envolving it.

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What is Da?, is that the same as da!, no.