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One of my teachers gives some grades by discression and she doesn’t like me?

and I don’t like her either. I am not a horrible student either. I do what I am told. I don’t fuss. I get all my work done on time and everything. Actually more than most of the people in the class who goof off. I just don’t like her because she tends to be a big b**** seriously. Everyone knows this too. So she gave me a 75 on my report card. This is harming my GPA and I am a senior so it is kind of important. I was very dissapointed and confronted her about this in a respectful manner and she refused to change it and said I could have a clean slate this new 6 weeks. I am not being a whiney student either. I am just caring about my grade and trying to have a good future…without my unfair teacher screwing it up.

Does anyone else think there is something wrong with the fact that she graded partially on something that was her opinion and did not have an actual rubric or system of grading and that her own opinions of me affect it?

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Some courses have test items that are subjective like English, Science, Creative Writing and Social Studies. These could include short answer questions, essays, journals and narratives. I think the only class that has completely objective tests is math. As a teacher, she supposedly has the background knowledge to make these judgments.

You are finding out one of the rules of life. You only can control one person, yourself. Instead of trying to get her to change your grade, ask her exactly what you have to do to get a higher grade.

When you look at it, you are allowing your opinions about her grading system to be colored my your dislike of her. As a teenager, you tend to rebel against people who act like idiots. Unfortunately, people like this are going to populate your entire adult life, so it is best to learn to deal with them now.

Change you thinking to the idea that it may be in the way of your getting a good grade. Take her and her behavior out of the equation. You cannot change her, but you can change you. Concentrate on what is important to you, your grade in the class. Forget about her.


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nicely, it relies upon. some instructors provide credit for following classes on an task. case in point, in case you’re assigned a paper that could desire to be no shorter than 5 pages, and you provide them 3, you’re probable to lose a brilliant number of your grade. that’s because of the fact the unique task is incomplete. Grades degree greater beneficial than merely your capacity or the prevalent of the artwork you do: in addition they degree your artwork ethic and point of accountability. whilst employers seem at grades, that’s what they see. people who get good grades are regularly people who get issues accomplished on a customary foundation and that they have mastered the concern count number. people who get unfavorable grades are regularly those that have mastered the concern count number, yet can not get stuff accomplished whilst they could desire to (occurred to me). the instructor has a great quantity of discretion on how they grade the scholars. maximum instructors have some form of standards against which they base the scholars’ performances it rather is utilized particularly. From the occasion above, the artwork could desire to not in ordinary terms be good, yet could additionally be comprehensive. that’s merely what i’ve got experienced as a student and a instructor.

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Like it or not, grading has more to it than numbers in a grade book. You did not say why you and your friends think she is a b**** . Could it be because she is just a teacher doing her job? You didn’t say if you tried to talk to anyone else at your school. How about your counselor? Are you mad because you aren’t getting your way just because you got a C? Try and talk to someone else at your school. It may help.