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Is there any possibility of success without a degree?

Too late to think about the consequences of failing. What now?

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There are an amazing amount of people that are huge sucesses (starting businesses, inventing things, etc) and never made it through college. So, it is ABSOLUTELY possible.

On the other hand, for every person that made it, there’s probably 10 – 20 that failed at it. But those kind of statistics are the same for the entire population with or without a degree.

To sum it up, there’s no saying you can’t do major things without a degree. Your disadvantage would definitely be that you might have to work a little harder to get where you want to be. Having a degree stamped on your resume gets your foot in the door to alot of places.

However you end up, with or without a degree, your perseverance and effort will make the difference in any path you go for. Good luck with whatever it is!


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my dad doesnt have a college degree, and neither does my mom. my dad works for union pacific railroad as an engineer, and does really well. my mom works for the us postal service, and does well also. its out there dude, hang in there. if you decide to go to school again, its never too late. really. what about the technical colleges? it would only take a year or two to finish. my buddy from high school, has a brother that went to one, and is making a hell of a lot of money in the oil business. whatever you do, dont give up, and dont let the ones with college degrees get you down.

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So Cal Homie
Many people have been very successful without degrees but with competition for jobs so great isn’t it best to prepare yourself as much as you can?

Unless you start the next Apple or Microsoft or Facebook or Google you need to have an adequate education.


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Sarah C
I have always worked my way up. I have gone through Temp Services and have gotten my foot in many doors. I have had great opportunities. Good luck!