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Does glass actually jump?

On an episode of Brothers&Sisters Nora(one of the characters) said “glass jumps”. She said that a piece of broken glass on the floor could come from years ago or across the house and it’s hard to tell where it came from. Is that true?!

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This is the only near answer I can give you….

Yes glass will “bounce on non hardened surfaces..

heres why….

How can a ball of glass bounce higher then a ball of rubber?

First of all, in a normal situation (hard floor, bouncy ball v. glass ball), the “bouncy ball” will bounce higher and the glass ball will most likely shatter.


if you change this to a floor that has a slight amount of give (vinyl floor)

and instead of a bouncy ball (which isn’t rubber) you use a rubber ball,

the glass ball will bounce higher

than the rubber ball.

Both balls will have the same amount of energy immediately before they hit the floor, but when they strike, more energy is spent reforming the rubber ball than the glass ball, so

the glass ball has more energy going up,

therefore, going higher.

This is because a good glass ball loses close to no energy when struck, and a rubber ball does.

So dropped Glass in certian conditions will bounce…

even higher than a rubber ball.

this is the technical explaination



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yup its a fact that a glass ball can bounce higher than a rubber ball. When i dropped my glass ring it went bouncing everywhere.

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i think the comment is more in reference to that idea that glass is hard to find when you are cleaning it up, so it can still be around years later if your not careful… but yes it does bounce. it does not bend time-space to jump to a more convenient location for itself though.