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can you give some advice on this application letter?

can you help me to make this application letter better?

Application Letter

Dear recruiting officer:

As a senior student in xxxx who passed xxxx with ease and with 3 years’ experience of teaching and tutoring students in different grades, I am very interested in applying for the xxxx position at your xxxx.

As you can see from my resume, I have trained my ability in different fields in the past four years. Joining in the Student Union and Students’ Clubs’ Union and Liyuan Performing Club, tutoring and teaching students with learning difficulty for free, working for some famous companies or schools as an internship makes my life colorful and abundant. Not only that, these extra-curricular activities also greatly broad my horizon and make me mature.

During my four years’ study, I got many certifications, including xxxx, xxxx and so on. When I was a freshman, I got xxxx …

thank you

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Well in my opionion, I think you should try an not worry so much. It is important I understand.. In my experince I would start out by making yourself look like the good canidate you are; Just don’t make it look that you know everything there is to know, make sure they know your honest, that you are willing to learn “even more”! Also instead of calling charity, “*”FREE WORK”*”!! Try using charity..

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good but if you are including your Resume, i seems a bit too wordy and repetative. I would try to revise somewhat.