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Which and why?

Basically, If all else fails I want to be a PE teacher or a Drama/Performing Arts Teacher. Which would be better? If you’re either one, please tell me what theyre like.

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If all else fails??

That’s what gives teachers a bad reputation, teaching as a last resort.

If you want to work in education, go for it.

But it if it’s just something to fall back on, it’ll reflect on the quality of your teaching.

What are your own inclinations? Are you more into helping students be in better shape? Are you an artistic person?

Think about it.


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it all depends on you really. Which one are you more interested in? Are you interested in the money more or being satisfied personally more? Personally, I’d be the performing arts teacher, my major in college was theatre so that’s no contest lol. But more and more schools are cutting ‘the arts’ (i.e. drama club, music class, art class) from their curriculem because of budget cuts. The artsy classes/clubs are the first ones to go. Where as I believe PE classes are a required class in every school. So if you’re going for the money/stable job then PE teacher.

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drama cuz u get t interact more with the kids. plus if u bcome a PE teacher have 2 make up fun activitys or their not gonna like u

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I think Drama, because you can see the “other side” of kids.