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what are the10 roles of a teacher?

what are the10 roles of a teacher?

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1. identify and refer students for educational provision

2. discuss concerns with parent(s)/carer(s) and the support teacher: learning difficulties (observing the school’s usual protocols)

3. collect and collate recent assessment data and information

4. complete the appropriate sections of the referral form

5. participate in meetings as required by school-based processes

6. collaborate with the Support Teacher: Learning Difficulties and the Head of Department or Curriculum Co-coordinator to develop and implement appropriate curriculum adjustments and special considerations and recommend services and extension strategies for students identified with learning difficulties and learning disabilities

7. monitor and evaluate the appropriateness of the educational provision

8. refer a student for a review of the educational provision

9. consider the needs of students in relation to syllabus expectations

10. address individual student needs in terms of the class routines, curriculum adjustments, special considerations, services and extension strategies at the level of the whole class, a small group, the individual.


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Ann-Marie H
A teacher takes on more than 10 roles. These are the top 10:


Care giver



Sports Ref


Cleaner – Litter

Crowd control

Parent mentor



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Disagree. Teachers are supposed to be links for the child’s future not only providing an interest for the subject at hand but allow them to think about handling real life experiences. The teachers who teach only knowledge and facts will have almost no impact on the child’s life.

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teacher means :-1)learn the student

2)do what they r doing

3)make friendship with the student

4)help th