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How can i do online teaching?

I am 13.

And I really want to do online teaching.

Well something like that.

I want to help kids from poor countries or something and try to help teach them.

mabey like an assistent.

How can i do this?

Is there a site or aynthing?

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There are many sites that allow for collaboration (communication) of multiple schools that are within the site. All you need is a microphone/webcam to start interacting. However, such sites are only permitted to educational communities (such as schools, colleges, and many tutoring programs). Even then, the cost of joining tends to be very, very high. Since you’re still in school or a member of one, ask your counselor or administration to see if they already have something.

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I am not really sure how one would go about doing something like this….but i just wanted to say that you are a wonderful kid for wanting to help the underprivileged.

I suggest looking into Oprah’s Angel Network…there may be something you could do through that.