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What are the pros and cons of going to these colleges?

I am a High School Junior continuing my search to find the “right” college for me. I want to be a High School Teacher, so I have been looking at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. I have already researched both colleges a lot during my spare time and so far I like Arizona State better. I am not really a party person, so I don’t know if I will fit in at either of these colleges. Please help me find a grasp of this whole college search. Thank you.

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They’re both respected academic institutions that are large enough to have both lots of partiers and lots of more studious students.

University is what you make of it – and at a large university, it is not difficult to find your niche if you put the time into exploring extracurriculars you really personally enjoy. I think you will be fine at either school, and I suggest you visit each to see where you feel more comfortable and happiest.

(I’ll throw in that Phoenix is a lot more interesting metro area than Tucson with more professional opportunities; U of A is a higher ranked school, but ASU’s education school is very well respected. I really don’t think you’ll go wrong with either.)


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Some dude
I can’t tell you about he academics of either, you’d have to do that research on your own.

But I can tell you that ASU has never in my memory not been on the Playboy top ten lists for both partying and hottest girls.

I went to an quiet academic school and studied hard to get a degree that i don’t even use in my career field and all it got me was an anurism. Choose wisely.


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u get a job

u learn

U GET MONEY with the job

u meet people

u get college spirit


its kinda hard

ur surronded by people u dont no