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How can I teach in University with just a Masters?

I have a Mathematics Education Masters from an average school. I am a high school teacher. I had one interview for a community college position and one for and adjunct community college. What is a good website to apply for these types of jobs. I live in New York. Im not looking for the moon, I know I dont have a Ph.D yet. I hear of people doing this.

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You seem to be on the right track since you are applying/interviewing for adjunct (we call them ad-hoc) positions.

If you are able/willing to move anywhere in the world (mainly US and Canada), you may want to fill out a profile and post your resume at www.higheredjobs.com. On their site, you can search for any type of higher education jobs that you want to search for. Employers also search for you and will go by key terms in your profile (i.e. math, education).

Otherwise, each state, I’m assuming, as a DPI and you can search their websites for jobs under “education” or some key term like that.

I have a Masters in Counseling (PK – 12) and I work at a university — I taught an ad-hoc class in First Nations (Native American) History. You can certainly work at a university or tech college with a Masters. Many universities will hire you under the pretense that you are enrolled or will be enrolled in a ph d program soon, so at the time of hire, you would be considered an Associate Professor. The tech college 2 blocks away from our university hires mainly those with Masters, and they pay way more than the university. So, I would definately keep my options open.

You may want to check your local colleges for TRiO Programs as well (Upward Bound, Student Support Services, McNair Scholars) because many of these programs hire math teachers with Masters degrees. They are funded by the federal gov., so the pay isn’t the greatest, but it would give you a flexible schedule to work on your ph d.

In conclusion, even if you “just” have a Masters degree, you can work at a tech, community, or university. I say “just” because having a Masters degree is quite the accomplishment. If you are in a ph d program, that is something to put in a cover letter/resume. Check out your local college websites if you want to stay near home and just start applying.

Good luck to you!