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what activity could I use for a lesson about conscience?

The activity must be short but the my students will learn what conscience is. thanks!

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Let’s say you pick one of the children and give them a pack of m&ms skittles.

Give them an option. Sharing the candy with the classmates would be a nice thing to do, but if they didn’t share the candy, they would get it all to themselves.

Would it be nicer to share or keep it to themselves?

Doing kind things for others in spite of the cost to you requiries a use of conscience. And if you use it regularly, everyone will be a lot happier (I.E. every body gets a bit of candy, and the person who shares might feel a sense of pride)

Asking the kids how they feel about it throughout it is also a good way to for them to make the connection.

Don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, but best of luck.


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You didn’t say the age of the kids or the class or the subject, but here’s an idea:

Before you even discuss the word, give them some situations (listed on a paper or the overhead) where conscience might come in to play. For example, something about friends encouraging them to shoplift a candy bar from a store, or cheat on a test. Hopefully they say they wouldn’t do it, and ask them why. They’ll say that they’re afraid of getting caught, and the consequences might be bad. Another thing they’d say would be that they know it’s wrong, even if they didn’t get caught. that’s when the term “guilty conscience” comes in. Check the link below for a sample plan.


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Do a role play kind of activity.

Give students different roles and little characters then put them in pairs and get them to act out what you have given them.so the class can see and remember what a conscience is.

Like get one student to leave a wallet or purse down and turn their backs and then get the other to come and look in it and take some money and put the purse back and walk away.

Then let the rogue go lie down and be restless and look worried and then put up thinking bubbles you have printed out on the board saying different things that the person who stole may be thinking then ask the students to guess what they think the person is thinking.and then ask why and so on..

It will get students interested and talking and then maybe get them in pairs to come up with different instances when their conscience would be at work. so they get some practice and you see if they understood the concept.

Hope this helps


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hmmm jimminy cricket came to mind