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To Anaheim and Western Students !Tomorrow’s the Bell Game!?

Who do you think will take the bell game? Anaheim or Western.

!!!!!!Please no rude comments!!!!!!!

I’m from Anaheim and from what I’ve heard lately our football team hasnt been doing well. Last year our football team was rocking, they showed great effort. But sadly to say, this year,……I don’t know…I don’t want to jinx it. I mean I heard that Western’s been doing well, espeacially against Savanna,…I think it was.

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A few days ago

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well what can i say? i personally am a graduate from western (c/o 05) so just from that i have to go for western hs. I mean anaheim barely beat loara, lost to savanna . Western has beat both of these teams by a lot so I see western taking back the bell were it belongs. 😀