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Math help…?

I am terrible at math.. I have a few questions…

Evaluate the expression 1/the square root of -1

does this equal -i ?

Evaluate the expression 4/3 – the square root of -4

only thing i can come up with is 4/3-2i but that is incorrect…

Factor the polynomial 256x^4 – 25 find all the zeros.

it is +/- square root of 5/4 but is it +/- i square root of 5/4 or 5/2 ?

Find all zeros of the polynomial P(x)= x^5 + x^3, including their multiplicities. Also determine where the graph of the polynomial crosses/touches the x-axis

and finally

Find the polynomial of degree 5, with integer coefficients that has zeros of -1. 2, i, with 2 being a zero of multiplicity 2 <-- that part confuses me...

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omg, what grade are you in ?? that seems really hard.

im in 7th and none of my math is that hard, im in pre-algebra.

i feel so bad for you. school is hard enough as it is.

and everyone say you should ask a teacher but you never want to because you dont have time or are scared of the teacher……right? me– i never want to ask a teacher for help.

school is stressful but i can never stop thinking about it.

sorry about your homework and sorry i couldnt help and sorry this is so long and confusing and has nothing to do with your quiestion.

good luck, hope you dont fail.