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Is there a website on the web which teaches science, history, and other subjects?

Well I lik learning. And I’m usually very curious. So, is there a website where they teach about science and history or health? Those are my favorite subjects.

Some websites that are sort of similiar to www.beliefnet.com or www.girlpower.gov or www.kidshealth.com. I only know those. But there must be more…

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Dear curious learner,I have mailed three addresses which should ignite ur curiosity and I hope u will find them rewarding.

The first is what u need , the second is to explore as to what is happening around in our world.Finally, the last one to prepare urself for the future with sound knowledge as to what is awaiting there for u.

Remember learning is a lifelong process.

Good luck!


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i think every thing is there on the net just use a good search engine and type the branch u want and u will be amazed how many they are personally i use “google”