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i need names of sites new EFL ideas ?

i need sites for new EFL ideas i can apply in my class and i esp. need sites that has pictures for the creative and the desciptive writing for 5-7 years old students like theme pictures a classroom a kitchen a garden……

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I hope I can help…..

First, I’ve provided a link to Oxford publishing company. They make a wonderful picture dictionary that includes activities. I think these workbooks would be great for you to use in the classroom. I love them. New words are presented in themes, and the corresponding pictures are in context. There are many themes, for example, household items, clothing, streets, cities, animals and more.

Dave Sperling’s ESL Cafe is a site I use often. It has a wide variety of lesson plans, games, puzzles, etc. The link is below.

The next link is an on line picture dictionary.You will find categories like, kitchens, gardens, and more. These pictures are isolated and not very detailed. I don’t think they will work very well, but just in case…here they are.

Colorin’ Colorado is a site that I have bookmarked for some reason, but I don’t really remember what it is that I found there. You might want to explore this site when you have some time.

Finally, to address the creative writing portion of your intended lesson: you might find many lesson examples on these sites as well as some others, but I usually just make up my writing prompts…something like : Look at the pictures, describe what you see. What would __ feel like, what would you hear? What would ___ smell like?…you get the idea.

I really hope this helps! Good luck!


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Try these sites for some excellent teaching ideas:

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Theodore H
I’ve heard it reported that Dave’s ESL Cafe http://www.eslcafe.com is a pretty good site.