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i dont want to go to school this next year.?

my mom wont let me drop out and i hate the school im going to now b/c i go there and dont learn anything…

is there another way to get out of school besides killing myself? or should i just kill myself?

by the way im supposed to be in 10th grade next yr

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Guess what? We’ve almost all been there…and I’m even a teacher.

Try this. Go into your classes thinking a little differently. Think of yourself as a thief. You’re going to try to steal every bit of knowledge you can get from your teachers. Watch them like a hawk, try to get the info they don’t think you’ll remember.

This sounds kind of goofy, but it can’t be any worse than the attitude you already have. And, at the very least, you can get a good laugh at the crazy grandma who gave you this answer!


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It sounds like you have some strong feelings about this issue.

I hope you have talked to your parents about this?

If not, find the right time, and do not make it confrontational. Bring some solutions, and options to the table, so they see that this is important enough to you to have thought it through.

See if your parents are open to alternative ways of education.

There is the option of virtual class rooms, many school districts offer those; you finish your regular public school program at home.

Then there are evening classes at alternative high schools where you do attend classes, but work independently, and at your own pace; this may be a way to graduate earlier as well.

Or you can gather information and have them look into home schooling, either way there are alternatives, but one very important thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to learn, and no matter where you receive, or finish up your education no one can teach you anything you choose not to learn, you have to have a teachable spirit.


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if you drop out of school, what is the alternative? you’ll have a bad job without an education and it’s not like you have money on your own to survive?

do you wanna live in a trailer for the rest of your life? drop out! if not, stay in, and grow up and adjust the attitude.


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you can take home schooling.