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English class drama?

My friend got an A on her English paper, in college. Karen is so excited because she was told that her teacher never gives out “A”s only “B”s. Her teacher, Lisa, told Karen that she never gives out “A”s. However, she was so moved by Karen’s paper and gave her an “A”.

Do you think Lisa, the teacher, will remember Karen?

If so, for how long? Lisa’s has a reputation for not giving out any “A”s.

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Heather D

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Yes, I think Lisa will remember Karen, probably for quite a while. Because Lisa has a reputation as a tough grader and very likely is a stickler for detail and perfection, she has probably had some very competent and talented writing students come through her classes. But, what set Karen apart was not her writing skills per se (though doubtless they are very good for this teacher to give the ‘A’) as much as her ability to reach out and touch Lisa’s emotions. Whatever Karen wrote obviously had a real emotional impact on Lisa, and that is not the kind of thing one easily forgets. Congratulations to Karen, she could have a real future as a author if she can consistently elicit such deeply felt responses to her prose.