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i am going to 6th grade give me good advise 2 pass?

i am going to 6th grade give me good advise 2 pass?

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1) Go to school every day.

2) Pay attention to the rules. Don’t get suspended.

3) Do all your classwork and homework.

4) Ask questions when you don’t understand something.

That’s about all!


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One of the things that is different about middle school and high school is studying. In elementary school, the teachers pretty much give you everything you need with hardly any outside work done by you. This sort of changes in middle school and HS. Make sure that you study each night. This helps if you have homework in that particular subject. There might be some subjects that the teacher doesn’t give homework every night. Make sure you read over chapters in

these classes each night or at least every other night.


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1. have good attendance and be on time everyday; if you are ever absent, get the make-up work and do it…it’s your responsibility to get that done…with 30+ kids, your teacher may forget…

2. try your best and if you need help, ask for it! i see too many kids give up because they don’t get it, but they never ask for help, either!

3. stay organized and keep a calendar or student planner and follow through with it…

4. establish a good relationship with your teacher; he/she will be more understanding if you have good rapport and are honest with her/him…

5. keep all the drama at home; school is where you go to learn and if you’re constantly worried about your friends and what’s going on outside of the classroom, it will affect your grades…

6. pay attention in class and don’t get caught up with the “bad” kids who just clown around in class to get attention…



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-DO NOT back talk a teacher or lie to them.

-Do your homework and if you didn’t do it, don’t make up excuses, just say I didn’t do it. It will be easier if you do that b/c then you don’t have to keep remembering what you said.

-Don’t act like a bully, try to make friends by being nice.

-Do NOT get involved in drama.

-Ask questions if confused.

-Don’t talk while teacher or another student is talking.

-Show respect!

-Come to school everyday and on time.

-If you have to wear a uniform, then make sure you’re wearing the right one!

-Make sure you are ORGANIZED!!!

-Have extra pens and pencils at ALL times.

-At least 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 black!

-Have highlighters.

-Don’t try to get all the girls, let them come to you.

-Be nice to your teachers and do NOT talk badly about them.


Good luck, hope you have fun in 6th grade, it’s gonna be a blast!


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The fact that you just asked that question sends ya in good stead of passing. Do your studies, listen to you folks–and have fun–you’re only young once.

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Jun Agruda
Focus on your studies.

Ask whenever you need to.

Follow up immediately at home on your lessons for and don’t wait for some time to do it.

Find friends to help you on difficult lessons.

Be in good terms always with your teacher.


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work hard and play less…listen to ur parents and ….work hard.

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listen and study