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mona s

I am a maths teacher teaching maths upto class 10. I would like to explore the possibilities of working abroad

I would like to know how to apply in schools in malaysia, bangkok,Dubia and the USA

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There are a lot of good schools on Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar who would be happy to higher you. you can check the following website :www.mihnati.com; www.Bayt.com;www.gulfjobsites.com;dubai.jobstracer.com

And you can take it from there. Your salary has to be in the range of 6000 CND till 10,000 Plus housing & tranportation and tickets back home. Do not forget the medical coverage.

Good luck.


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I’m British and use The Times Educational Supplement web site to get my jobs abroad (I got back from Uganda yesterday and am off to Tajikistan next term). Put in “TES jobs” and away you go.

Peak job search time is February as job notice handing in is usually january. It’s different timing in Japan though.