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How do you get your highschool students to listen and respect you?

How do you get your highschool students to listen and respect you?

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Some helpful ways of them to respect you are:

1. Be yourself and always smile. If they say something bad to you, don’t hurt them back. Rather, confront them gently and they’ll realize their mistake.

2. Always mingle with good classmates. They are such a pleasant group of people to learn about studies as well as respect you for loving them.

3. Don’t worry about anything. Just be yourself, talk to people, participate in activities, and enjoy your studies.

4. Work hard, study hard, play hard. These are the general things that make you busy, grow your personality, and become well-respected by others.

Hope this helps 🙂


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As far as respect goes, that only comes with time and earning it from the students. And really, once you have earned the respect of a class/grade, that will trickle down to the students you will have in the future because of siblings and friends. In my personal experience, I earned my students’ respect by being fair and consistent, which it highly important to students. I don’t care in the least if they like me, as long as they know I will always be fair to them.

Listening can be trickier. Being an English teacher, I find ways to connect EVERYTHING we study, from grammar to literature to writing to speaking, to something meaningful to the students. Whether is it their personal lives, current events, future need for whatever it is we are studying, connections must be made or true learning will not take place.


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you have to have something to offer, not just a textbook or worksheets. teachers that give more “lectures” but keep it interesting and at the same time educational, a more involved class, and if they have a sense of humor, ability to laugh at themselves and sensibly poke fun at other students (more outgoing ones though that can take it, you know, use your best judgement. if you feel uncomfortable poking all in good fun at the students, just dont do it.), dont get annoyed (becaues they are just kids afterall), these type of teachers tend to be more rememberable then the ones that throw out worksheets and assign textbook pages. try to be compassionate towards students in regards to homework because lets face it: they arent gonna enjoy doing it, and you probably arent going to enjoy grading it, either.

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group dynamics

you must read up on it

it does work

even for petulant teenagers!!

go read up on “Forsythe2 he has done a lot on tis subject

it’s all about bonding the group together

and knowing what stage they are at can help you interpret what may or may not happen next

but it can also guide you to create “cohesion” (group togetherness) and so get on with the work. Seriously, google Group Dynamics and Belbin Team Roles you will gain a lot of pratical help from there and the stuff you will be linked into.

Good Luck!


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fun ways of teaching. if they get an attitude, just be firm. those kind of ‘weak’ teachers are the one high schoolers will disrespect the most. let them know the what for.

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I think, if you respect them, you will get the respect back.

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bee p
usually i just act like them.