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How do you feel about Education in the U.S???


I’m from Mexico, and this is for my American Culture class, I hope you can help me.

It’ll be awesome if you write your age and the place where you live

Please answer the following questions

1. Should there be prayer in the public schools?

2.Should tax money be used to found private schools?

3.Should poor children be given free lunches at school?

4.Should there be sex education in the schols? If so, Should it be taught in elementary school, high school, or both?

5.How much exposure to drugs is there at schools in your neighborhood? Is tthis a problem?

6.How important is a college education? Will it give you more status? Will you make more money with a college education?

7.Is which college you attend important, or are all colleges about the same?

8. What is the highest level of education your parents had? (What was the last grade completed or degree received?)

9.What is the highest level of education you have received? Do you expect to further your education?

Thank you all!!!!!

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Hey!!!! I am 20 years old and I live in Central New York. I hope that I can help you a little but I first have to say that I was never in public school. I was homeschooled all the way through high school but I am attending college, and I will still give you my opinions on your questions.

1.) I think that prayer should be ALLOWED in public schools. Not mandatory or banished. I feel that just like in everyday life everyone has the option to display their religion how and when they want to.

2.) I am not to knowledgable about taxpayers money even though I am one myself but I don’t think that it would be a problem.

3.) I think that this one could go either way unfortunately. People could view it as being very unfair but on the other habd in would be nice to ba able to do a little something for those who are less fortunate.

4.) I think that there should be sex education when children are beginning to near the age of sexual activities, probably in high school or junior high.

5.) Like I said I never went to school but I live in a moderately sized, but not huge town and there still is a problem with drugs. I think that part of this problem is younger adults not setting a good example but I’m sur ethere are many reasons.

6.) Studies have shown that people with a college education do make more than those without one and I do think that unfortunately in the United States it definately gives you more status. I would say that it would be important especially if the career that you chose requires more training than you have at the moment.

7.) I don’t think that from a status viewpoint which college you attend matters all that much, but if you went to an Ivy League School people tend to look up to you all the more.

8.) My mom completed high school but my dad got a bechelors degree.

9.) I am now in my sophmore year of college and I am looking to be a medical student so I have a lot more years of education in front of me!

I hope this is of some help to you


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I’m 36, and live in Ohio. I am a teacher.

1. I don’t think prayer should be mandatory in schools, but I think it should be allowed.

2. No, tax money should not be used to fund private schools. If it were, then taxpayers should have the right to say what is taught and allowed in those schools.

3. Yes, and they are.

4. Yes. In elementary, the basic facts of puberty should be explained. In high school, facts about sex and STD’s should be taught.

5. I live in a small town, and don’t see drug use, but I am SURE it’s there.

6. A college education is important for future job security. Too many people don’t go to college, and then get minimum wage jobs and expect to be able to live that way, and raise a family that way. That’s why we have so many poor families with kids needing free lunches at school.

7. All colleges are not the same. Some have more status. But a degree, technically, is a degree, as long as it’s from an accredited school.

8. My father had some courses in Electrician stuff after high school. My mother had one year in secretarial school, and then got an associates degree in respiratory therapy when my brothers and I were in high school.

9. I have a masters degree in education. I have to continue to take more classes in education to keep my teaching license — 5 credit hours every 4 years.


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Silly Sally
25, Idaho

1. Should there be prayer in the public schools? No

2.Should tax money be used to found private schools? No

3.Should poor children be given free lunches at school? Absolutely

4.Should there be sex education in the schols? If so, Should it be taught in elementary school, high school, or both? Yes, both

5.How much exposure to drugs is there at schools in your neighborhood? Is tthis a problem? minimal problem

6.How important is a college education? Will it give you more status? Will you make more money with a college education? Very important, yes, yes

7.Is which college you attend important, or are all colleges about the same? Depends on who you talk to, what your field is, but basically, yeah, it does make a difference

8. What is the highest level of education your parents had? (What was the last grade completed or degree received?)Some college

9.What is the highest level of education you have received? Do you expect to further your education? currently have BA, working on MAT


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1. I have no problem with anyone using prayer for their own reasons, but I do have a problem with anyone in the public schools leading others in prayer. As someone who was brought up agnostic, I found even the “moment of silence” uncomfortable to the point of tears, because it was so obvious that we were expected to pray and that wasn’t something that was part of my life.

2. No, I don’t think tax money should be used to fund private schools. It takes money away from the public schools, so it is taking away from the poor and giving to the rich. Private school is a choice for the privileged, and I don’t think the government should be involved.

3. I think that the role of government should be as a security net, so if families can’t afford to feed their children, it is an appropriate role for government to do so. I’d much rather support that than the wars my tax dollars go to pay for!

4. I think that there should be value-free sex education in the schools. I wouldn’t want a school either suggesting to my children that they should or should not have sex, but it is an important part of life, and I see too many problems arise from ignorance. Several years ago I was asked to speak to some 14 and 15 year old students on sex education, because the school was having a major problem with teen pregnancy. I asked what they had learned in school, and was told that they only taught sex education to students over 16! I therefore think that it should be a continuous process; five year olds don’t need to know all the details, but to say nothing until high school is dangerous.

5. Drugs are a problem here, but it doesn’t get much exposure because it is a relatively wealthy neighborhood and it doesn’t happen on the street. I also think that alcohol is a bigger problem than drugs, but neither can be ignored.

6. A college education is extremely important today, because the available jobs require more and more knowledge. It gives you more status, but that it far less important than the fact that it prepares you for the workforce; today’s high schools don’t teach much. And yes, all studies have shown that there are major advantages on the average (something like an additional million dollars in lifetime earnings) for those with a college education.

7. Colleges vary dramatically, and it does matter where you go, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should go to an Ivy League or other “prestige” school.

8. My father has a Ph.D., my mother went through eighth grade.

9. I have both a Ph.D. and a J.D., as well as an MBA. I think I’m done with my formal education at this point!

I’m 53 and live in Los Angeles, CA.


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The Calculus Alchemist
1) I believe there should not be prayers in public schools because everyone doesn’t belong to the same religion.

2) I don’t believe private schools should be given tax money, becuase the students there pay already too much. And tax money should be used in paying public schools, because the education standard in public schools in the USA is not very good.

3) I do believe poor children should have free lunches at school, because their parents pay taxes, therefore it is their right.

4) Yes, there should be sex education in middle and high schools not in elementary.

5) I am not in drugs therefore I don’t know. But there are many people who take drugs in the USA, therefore it is a problem because this is illegal (against the law). But fortunately 99% of Americans don’t do drugs.

6) College education is important, because it gives you understanding of a career you want to pursue, so you can get a better job. Of course we all want a career that will give you a lot of money, therefore college will help you.

7) Yes, college you attend is important because each college has a different impression, when you go to a job interview.

8) My parents received…..(you can answer this yourself)

9) I am still in high school, and I plan to receive a master’s degree in a technology carrer, probably computing.

Please select a best answer, I have spent a long time answering your question.


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1. No prayer – it isn’t necessary for any reason.

2. No – taxes go to pay for public schools, only – that is the definition of a public school

3. Yes – free lunches are very important – students in poverty rely on them; sometimes as their only meal.

4. Sex education as a biological fact should be taught – beginning in about the 4th or 5th grade.

5. There are many drugs in my neighborhood high school.

6. Your chances of making more money with a college education are much higher with a college education, but it is not necessary for everyone.

7. Yes, some colleges are better than others.

8. Father – college graduate, Mother- high school graduate

9. Bachelor’s degree +, yes, I hope to get a Master’s degree


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1.No, if this were to happen, minorities would be excluded or persecuted.

2. No, if it is private, they can raise their own money.

3. Yes, for some of these kids it is their only good meal of the day.

4. Yes, and it should start at 11 since that’s when some kids start and should be taught yearly.

5. Hard core drugs little. Pot, big problem. I can smell it every other day at school it seems.

6. Very. It is almost impossible to make the American Dream (car, house, boat, etc) w/o a college education unless you have a marketable skill, and most dont.

7. For most people and most jobs it is meaningless. For example, to be a teacher in Louisiana it does’nt matter if you graduated from LSU or MIT. If you are trying to be a high profile lawyer, doctor, or politician, then an Ivy league education is a must to get or stay in the right social circles.

8. Mom: high school diploma Dad: Doctorate

9. Me: Masters +30. Might be a doctorate in my future as well 🙂

35 Loiusiana


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Ken C
I am from Fresno, California. We have a very large Mexican population. We are a Farming based Economy.

1. Should someone want to pray, no matter their Religion, they should be able to Pray in their own way. At Appropriate times.

2. No. But we should get a Tax Deduction to Pay to send our kids to private Schools.

3. Yes, I have no problem with that. Every kid should eat in America.

4. Yes. Middle School and High School. But they should need the Parents permission, and Parents should know what and how it should be taught.

5. Drugs are everywhere, Low income, Middle Income and High Income. At both Public and Private Schools.

6. very Important. Yes it can let you earn more money. But not everyone wants to go to College. There should be more Job training in High Schools.

7. Yes, there is a big difference in the quality of our Colleges.

8. My Dad dpropped out of school as a Junior in High School, to join the Navy during World War 2. My Mom Graduated High School.

9. I have 2 Degrees from U.C.L.A. Economics/Finance and History. I have also taken many Training and job specific courses and received many Licenses in my Career.

FYI. I was the first person in my Family history to graduate College. Now my 2 Daughters have Masters Degrees.

Good luck on your project…


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1. No

2. I think where the kid goes the money for that child should go with it. Hope you know what i am talking about.

3. yes

4. I think they need to find out when these kids are starting to have it and start at that grade.

5. It is everywhere, every school.

6. It is the best shot at getting a decent job, but now they are saying there are not enough jobs for the kids coming out of college.

7. It depends on what you want to take some are better for certain things.

8. College 4-8 yrs all the way to the top.

9. College ,Yes


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Just Me
1. Yes, I’m a Christian so of course I do.

2. Yes, I think it would provide a better education.

3. Yes, children learn better when they are not hungry.

4. No, sex education is the job of the parent. The parent should be able to decide when and what their child should know.

5. I’m not sure how our neighborhood schools are because I teach my children at home but I think drugs are everywhere. Anytime drugs are involved, it is a problem.

6.Typically a college education will give you more status and money. You have to put it to good use, however. I think that it is much easier to be successful if you have gone to college.

7. Yes, the college you attend is important. To say that you went to Havard is much better than to say you went to a state university.

8. My father only completed 8th grade. My mother went to 11th grade.

9. I have a BA degree in Literature and 21 Masters credits. I do not know if I will ever go back to college but I am always trying to learn new things by reading and doing so I guess, in that respect, I am furthering my education.

I won’t say how old I am other than to say that I am an adult ;>) but I will tell you that I live in Pennsylvania.