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How do I start teaching my mother how to use the computer?

she’s utterly stubborn about even touching the thing. Please just some simple strategies on how to go about this monumental task.

I’m figuring I start teaching her how to use the mouse, then to check email, then some simple programs like Word or whatever. Thanks.

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Philippe S

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I had the same problem with my mom a few years ago. She would just not touch it !

I think the most important thing when it comes to introducing computing-challenged people is to find applications that are truly useful to them. I convinced my mom that using a computer would be good , since we could correspond through email (I was abroad for college , and international calling was still somewhat expensive at the time).

Well guess what , it forced her to learn the basics to operate a computer so that she could benefit from the use of email. Now she uses her computer on a daily basis. She even uses online banking!

I would suggest you to show your mom what she can do with the comp (think of her interests), then teach her how to use a mouse, keyboard, etc …

hope this helps


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I am all for the above answer!

The best way to teach someone something is to find out what their interests are and then work from there.

The email internationallly would have appealed to any parent who is looking at the phone bill and wondering if they will ever be able to communicate with their offspring so far away without it costing a gazillion dollars.

So – when teaching anyone who “can’t stand” computers, you literally have to show them how useful it could be to them. Saving money is always a good motivator!

Other ideas – keeping track of recipes; using email to talk to friends/relatives far away; making a phone list for emergencies; making a daily phone list and printing it out BIG and taping it on the refrig –

Think of little projects for your mom. When she finally gets the hang of some simple thing she will bother the daylights out of you by asking…how do you do…??? THAT’s when you know she is hooked.

Good luck. I”m a mom too who resisted computers for a long time – I had my own art studio, who needs a computer??? But when I had to do my masters, guess who was asking “How do I…..?” Drove my husband nuts. But now I am very good at it and have even been selected as computer teacher of the year – Now there’s progress! Old person does good….lol


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