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How can students benefit from a multicultural education?

How can students benefit from a multicultural education

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I’ve got a great mix of kids in my second grade classroom, and you better believe I bring up the strengths that this brings to our room. I’ve got parents that even come in to discuss their culture in more detail. With those visits I see student’s eyes opened up to a larger world, beyond the school, home, pool, and occasional vacation that takes them out of their small world.

Our curriculum in Virginia also stresses how as Americans we all then stand united, bringing our gifts to share at the table.

Not only does a multicultural education teach kids how to better interact with and respect the rights of others as they grow older, it also teaches them to look for solutions and ideas from other cultures.


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I use multicultural education to teach students about other cultures. They need to know the value of every culture. They need to know the value of their own culture.

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They benefit by understanding other cultures and how their expectations or values may be different. This makes them more effective in their dealings with other cultures which will benefit the student in both their personal and business lives.