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homework help pleasy weasy?

what are some new technology advances that may not be as good as they used to ?

examples are old cars vs. new cars

old videogames vs. new videogames

old records vs. new c.d.’s

some people think that the old things are better then the new

i need some examples



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wood-now chipboard Old VCR-I had a sears that lasted over 10 yrs-C.d players poor last maybe 2 can`t rewind or fast forward them eighter.Material on clothes-I have some 1920`s feed sack quilts (people used to make clothes out of this) You would`nt believe the quality of the material!Paint-Where did that sinking oil-based stuff go? you could paint it & it lasts forever, Hate Latex!. Just why is everything -new & improved?Drives me crazy. Furniture,Cars,Appliances, Roofs,Clothes Toys, Houses,Carpet, PAINT , none of these items last like they used, too poor materials, workmanship 20 yrs lasts 10 used to be 20. They do it so we have to buy more. I have to agree with Warren- for instance, my daughter loves Hannah Montana,onher show I`ve heard her sing acapella-she has a beautiful voice-but not on her cd`s or concert.It has to be the electronics Food it`s messing with our bodies -full of preservatives. Cigarretes, what did they put in them? It didn`t used to be so dangerous to smoke. I still haven`t figured out the mastermind behindputting chipboard house up& putting vinyal siding on the outside.Big Bad Wolf comes I want BRICK!!

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David M
Power tools. Power tools made right after World War II were by far the most reliable, durable tools made. The problem was, they weighed a ton.

Up until last year, I was using two electric saws I got from my grandfather. The first was a B&D circular saw, built in the early 1950s. The second was a Sears reciprocating saw — can’t find a mfg. date on it. They were heavily used to build three houses & remodel two others.


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I believe that some untangible things are worse today than in years past. For example:

One’s ability to orate (make a speech)

Writing abilities have probably deteriorated.

General knowledge of the Bible is really lacking today.

People’s ability to Communicae ideas as well.

But for technology, it’s usually a trend that if you make something new, it’s going to be better than what exists already or it won’t stay around for long. For example:

New Coke

Pepsi Clear





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Well, it seems like the old video game systems lasted a lot longer than the newer ones do. (On the other hand, they weren’t so complex and you couldn’t really do so much cool stuff with them.) Also, new cars are getting more “breakable” with their computers and stuff. Basically, old stuff tends to be simpler and simpler tends to be less breakable. For instance, a bicycle costs next to nothing to fix because it’s a pretty basic system. Cars not only cost a fortune, they’re more likely to break because they have some much more to them.

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Planes – nothing up until the Wright Brothers

Medicine – Vaccines and cures for diseases made possible through technology

Computers – we didn’t have small personal computers

Television – HD and so on

Electricity – not many people had that (check up on rural electrification)

Internet – hello, we didn’t always have that!

Food Production – technology makes food last longer (preservatives), marketing of food, production of food

Protection – police, fire companies

Hope this helps!


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I date a musician and he, along with many I’ve met, are under the impression older analog equipment that uses vacuum tubes instead of transistors and microchips produces a more human sound. He believes that digital recording is destroying the music industry. Most people I’ve met in that profession are sharply divided between the analog (older), and digital (newer), gulf.


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Todays music especially rap versus some of the old rock songs.

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daniel f
maybe because some people like classical stuff, while others don’t