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Can you help me in translating these literary TITLES from Japanese into English?

1) Akujo ni tsuite

2) Furu-amerika ni Soda wa Nurasaji

3) Hishoku

4) Arita-gawa

5) Hidaka-gawa

6) Watashi wa Wasurenai

7) Nihon no Shima-jima – Mukashi to Ima

I have some literary titles for the Japanese novelist “Sawako Ariyoshi” but unfortunately I have no idea about their meanings in English. Can you help in giving me the meanings in English? Thank you for your appreciated help.

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Miss. Tee98

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Are you sure they are Japanese? I can not find a translation for them. Sorry I tried.

look on this website http://www.freedict.com/onldict/jap.html


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i’ve got not got a lot time to learn all of them surprising now, yet i’ll enable you recognize what i know. 6) i’ll by no skill forget approximately (you) 7)The Island of Japan- From historical circumstances to popular i’m hoping that helped!