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Help Needed !!! Primary School Teacher !!!?

Hey, I need to start applying for colleges in the next few months, but me being organised – I want to get a place in the college I want to go to – Before everyone else applies !

My question is :

I want to be a primary school teacher. I have absolutly no idea what course i needs to do, or what i have to do after college.

All i know is i go college, do a course ( No idea which one ) and then go uni and study another few courses ( Again, no idea which one. )

Please don’t say ask my school – Because they are useless and I’ve asked them many times, and now i’m fed up of asking and getting the same silly answer ‘you will know by the end of the week.’

By the way im in England. And will be studying in England not going abroad just yet ! Thanks in advance ! =D

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Anna Lynn

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I’m not sure how things work in England but in the USA, you would ask the Education department about getting a teacher’s certificate and they could guide you as to some required classes to take. Ask to speak with an Advisor and they should be able to talk to you about what classes you can take.

Good luck.