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Have you ever been inappropriately touched by a teacher?

I am very concerned about students in school today. After reading a question on Yahoo Answers, I was wondering how many of you out there have been touched by a teacher inappropriately?

What did you do?

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A few days ago
Thao Kun

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I don’t know if this will count as “inappropriately” but, since no one else answered, I’ll just answer:

I’m an 8th grader & I just finished having P.E. We ran crosscountries so I was really tired. My next class was being a T.A. (Teacher Aide/Assistant) for my 7th grade P.E. teacher. He made me bring cones to another P.E. teacher. I started walking very slowly since I was tired out from running so much. He noticed that I was walking very slowly so he said “Today. Today, Thao!”

then I said “What? But I’m tired!”

Then he put his arm around my waist and said “Aw, you poor little thing. Did you run crosscountries last period?”

And I said “Yes.”

But he always act friendly to everyone so I think it’s nothing.