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English teachers!!(Please look at the student errors below. First identify what is wrong with the sentence.)?

Please look at the student errors below. First identify what is wrong with the sentence. Then write

what caused the error

what type of an error it is

how you would correct it.

Please note: All of the errors you will be analysing below are spoken errors rather than written.

I “walk-id” to school today

2. I’d like to make a photo.

3. He’s a friendly girl

4. What do you eat for dinner yesterday?

5. People is very friendly.

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Well, im going to try here. Ive recently completed the CELTA course so lets see.

1. Error in the phonetics and so student made a mistake with sounding and spelling – it is said – walk + /t/ (-ed)

2. Well make(verb) + photo (noun) – Easy mistake.

3. problems with naming words. – He, she etc….

4. missing past participle

5. plural form of ‘is’


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all the sentences have tiny grammaticcal errors – the foundation is week and the student is not getting adeuate practice of communicating in english! the first language of this student is not english, ofcourse…

it’d have been –

1 walked to school

2 take a photo or get it clicked

3 She should replace He

4 Did you eat….

5 people are ver……


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walked to school today.?She’s a friendly girl.What did you eat for dinner yesterday?People are friendly.There’s 2 grammatical error.In plurals,is becoms are.do becomes did as it was yesterday.

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Sara B
please tell me that you hoestly know and are just joking. Please tell me you are not a college student who can’t figure this out. If you are, congrats, you don’t know English. Word choice, subject verb agreement, gender pronoun, verb tense…look those up and figure it out. lord!

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do your own home work