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english question?

how could you combine the following two sentences into a complex sentence with a dependent adjectival clause?

The boy wore a green coat. He carried his sister home.

a. The boy who wore a green coat carried his sister home.

b. The boy wore a green coat ; he carried his sister home.

c. The boy carried home his sister’s green coat.

d. The boy wore a green coat , and he carried his sister home.

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The answer is letter A.

“Who wore a green coat” is the adjectival clause, introduced by the relative pronoun WHO. It’s also defined as a DEFINING (restrictive) RELATIVE CLAUSE.

Sentence B has got no dependent, or subordinate clause.

Sentence C has no dependent clause AND its meaning is not the same as the original sentences.

Sentence D is a COMPOUND SENTENCE, joined by the coordinating conjunction AND.


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i think option a is the answer.