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Can you major in different majors in grad and undergrad school?

I am so confused about undergrad and grad school. Can I major in something like Civil Engineering for undergrad and then major in Biomedical Engineering for grad school or visa versa? Do I have to stick with one major?

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Yes, you can have different majors. Many people do this. You may, however, have some pre-requisite courses to take to help you with the graduate courses. It would be wise to meet with an academic advisor and go over a few program of studies for your graduate work to see what would be required.

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Mike M
yes you can.

The catch is that you may have base courses required for the new major (Bach level) that you must complete to get in the Masters program for it.

I am a retired EE (BS) and I am going back for either Philosophy or MBA.


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why aren’t you talking to your grad school admission department??? they will tell you everything you need to know.

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as long as your school lets you do it then yes you can