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Can I become a school teacher in the US?

I love teaching and I am teaching for the past decade. I have taught to students with varied background (doctors to school children) and of various ages. I am a doctor myself but have decided to change my profession to become a school teacher. I am currently in the US and would like to get a teacher certificate/license. Would it be possible, if yes, how? if not, what are the options?

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contact the local school district. the requirement vary from district to district, but are usually pretty much the same for most of the districts in a single state

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sure! you are able to certainly get a coaching degree! you are able to desire to certainly enter a school as a lateral-get admission to instructor. while you’re lateral-get admission to it skill which you have a level in yet another field yet have an interest now in starting to be to be a instructor. as quickly as you have your interest, you’re predicted to initiate engaged on the certainly coaching degree itself. it commonly finally ends up being a 2 365 days technique. solid success to you! As a instructor of 8 years, I ought to tell you that the interest is extremely priceless and that i like it immensely!!! Oh, and don’t hassle approximately not understanding the thank you to “prepare” consistent with say. as quickly as you get a job, you would be assigned a coaching mentor and he/she would be in a position that can assist you for the 1st 3 years of your coaching occupation.