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Lindsey k

a french word/phrase that when said really fast sounds like Ashton?

i need a french word or phrase that when you say it it sounds sort of like the name Ashton.

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Some conjugation of the verb to buy

j’achète (I buy)

tu achètes (you buy)

il achète (he, she it buys)

elle achète

nous achetons (We buy)

vous achetez (You buy)

ils achètent (they buy)

If you use the imperative form (that means you don’t use the subject and make it a command…) you could simply


“Achetons!” which would mean “Let’s buy” or perhaps more appropriately translated “Let’s go shopping”

(You could also say “allons acheter” which is literally “lets go to shop”, but the “nous” or “we” form sounds moure like Ashton. The only difference is the way french sort of swallows the ‘on” ending rather than sounding it out.


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Lydia H
Fait Attention, which would mean “Pay attention.”

A little context would help. Are you sure it wasn’t German, “achtung,” which means “careful”?


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I think “achetons” means “Let’s buy (it)!”